Our musical director, Malcolm Hill who says.....

From an early age I have been involved in music. I first learnt to play the piano at the age of ten and had lessons for a few years .My first interest in bands was when my father used to take me to listen to the Newton Heath Working Men’s Club Band as they rehearsed, later they  became known as the British Aerospace Championship Band.

At the age of eleven, I joined the Barkworth Street Mission Brigade where I learnt to play a bugle in the band there. I progressed through the ranks and for several years was Sgt. Solo bugler and then became an officer in the brigade.

I am currently involved with three brass bands, St. Michael’s which I conduct, Chadderton Brass Band and  Ebenezer Band where I play the bass.

I have been conducting St. Michael's band since October 2012  and I hope to be involved with St. Michaels  band for the foreseeable future.

God Bless         Malcolm 


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